Prue Cormie

Founder and CEO of EX-MED Cancer

Associate Professor Prue Cormie is an accredited exercise physiologist whose research and clinical work focuses on the role of exercise in the management of cancer. She aims to enhance the lives of people with cancer through innovative research and effectively translating research into practice. Her track record includes over $9 million in competitive research grant funding, over 70 refereed publications and book chapters and over 200 invited presentations including a TED talk. Prue has produced influential research exploring the efficacy of targeted exercise prescriptions in counteracting significant side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Prue is the inaugural Chair of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Exercise Cancer Group and is the lead author on the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia position statement on exercise in cancer care. She also leads the Exercise and Sports Science Australia Cancer Special Interest Group and is involved in numerous international consortiums. A core component of Prue’s work is translating research into practice for meaningful improvements in health care services for people with cancer.