Advisory Board Members


Prue cormie

Founder and CEO

EX-MED Cancer


Stephanie dale

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Royal Children’s Hospital


Catherine Granger

Head of Physiotherapy Research

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Sarah Grimshaw.jpg

Sarah Grimshaw

Oncology Physiotherapist & PhD Candidate

The University of Melbourne

Diane Hanna.jpg

Diane Hanna

Paediatric Oncologist & PhD Candidate

Royal Children’s Hospital


David Mizrahi

Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar, Exercise Physiologist & PhD Candidate

UNSW and Sydney Children’s Hospital


Ebonie Rio

Postdoctoral Fellow and Sports Physiotherapist

La Trobe University

Oliver Weidlich.jpg

Oliver Weidlich

Director of Design and Innovation

Mobile Experience


Event Committee

230 Kira.jpg

Kira Fitzpatrick

228 Sarah.jpg

Sarah Glasson

231 Cheryl.jpg

Cheryl Macleod

KAren Mackey.jpg

Karen Mackey

217 Taryn.jpg

Taryn Morais

229 Carla .jpg

Carla Salvagno