Dedicated champions who help make it all happen.


Little Big Steppers.

Big Little Steps is a volunteer driven, grassroots charity. Little Big Steps co-founders Cindy and Cass are passionate and committed parents who have experienced first-hand the nightmare of having a child diagnosed with cancer and are determined to make a difference in the lives of other cancer sufferers.

They couldn’t do this alone and thanks to the endless support of friends, families and just amazing human beings out there that each step gets taken to achieving the Little Big Steps dream. These are just some of the official helpers!

If you want to join us in support, please complete the volunteer form below.


Board of Directors
Beau Bakos
Cindy-Lee Bakos
Andrew Howcroft
Cassandra Howcroft
Meryn Pratt

Event Committee
Kristy Dahan
Kira Fitzpatrick
Pam Kaur
Sarah Glasson
Henry Mackey
Karen Mackey
Carla Salvagno

Lauren Garcia
Joanna Spanbroek
Sandra Valentim




We are in the process of recruiting ambassadors to represent Little Big Steps. If you are interested in using your profile as a champion for health & wellbeing for kids living with cancer we would love to hear from you!