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From little steps come big things.


Little Big Steps is a labour of love that originated from the experiences of two families affected by childhood cancer. 

Lochlan Howcroft was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Philadelphia Positive (ALL PH+) in January 2018. Prior to his devastating diagnosis, Lochie was an active  and healthy 7 year old boy. Due to the gruelling nature of his treatment, his mother Cass noticed that Lochie had become increasingly lethargic and inactive so gifted him a fitness watch for his 8th birthday. She and husband Andy were thrilled when Lochie changed from a child that didn’t want to leave his hospital room to one that was seeking out physical activity, encouraged by his progress on the activity tracker.

The shared kitchen space at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital oncology unit is a place for weary parents to share their unique experiences over countless cups of coffee.

This is where Cass met and bonded with Cindy Bakos. Cindy’s 2 year old daughter Sienna was diagnosed with a rare aggressive Burkitt’s Leukaemia in December 2017.

Cass mentioned the notable improvement in Lochie’s wellbeing since receiving the activity tracker to Cindy and this prompted the discussion – how many other physically able oncology children would benefit from such a device? The research is showing the positive benefits of exercise in cancer patients and the notion of improving the health and wellbeing of children living with cancer through technology, programs and services had obvious appeal.

Thus, the inspiration for Little Big Steps was borne and the charity was officially founded in June 2018.

Cass Howcroft (left) and Cindy Bakos (right)

Cass Howcroft (left) and Cindy Bakos (right)