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Home vs Hospital

In hindsight, being home was not what I had envisioned, it was better than being in hospital obviously, but it was hard, and stressful. I felt immense guilt because being home as a family of four was all I had hoped for, the previous 6 months.

But it was different, we had a critically ill son who we had to care for, administer vital drugs to and feed.  We had come out of our safe bubble and the daily lives for all four of us could not have been any more different to pre January 2018.

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The Balancing Act

This has been a huge week for Little Big Steps with the official registration of us a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission ( - in the subtypes of Advancing Health and as a Health Promotion Charity - and approval by the ATO for our charitable tax concessions and Deductible Gift Recipient status. That's exhausting to say and really they are lots of fancy buzz words really to say that we are a bona fide charity - woo hoo! 

But whilst we are celebrating this important milestone, Cass' 8 year old son Lochie - like so many other kids living with cancer around the country - have had to endure endless tests and parents' sleepless nights of uncertainty, with yet another unexplained fallout from the side effects of cancer treatment. This is the reality of living with cancer every day... and having to watch your child retreat into themselves is a gut wrenching thing to do when you feeling so helpless in the process. 

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